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This seems like the best use possible for this book.

Mazie and Tyler getting ready for a long day of driving on our way to Colorado for a week of vacation.

It’s great to see the human side of the technology community shine.

Inbox Metrics

Yes, I actually do graph the activity in my inbox. How does it go? You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it? I do this for my SPS inbox as well. The numbers are much larger.

How Facebook “Improves”


Improving ads, wow, how excited should I be? Just to be clear what this message really means is that Facebook is now actively collating all of the data that it collects about you from every website that you visit that has those cute little Facebook Like buttons and is using that to target ads at you in a better way.

“improving” and “giving you control”. Bullshit.

New Standards for Mazie’s Birthday

This year The New Standards did one of their great shows at The Dakota right on Mazie’s birthday! At first we figured we would just not go see them, but we asked Mazie if she would want to go out for a grown-up night and she was all for it! We got one of the great U-shaped tables along the edge and Mazie got to sit right in the middle and enjoy a Shirley Temple and cheeseburger while listening to great music.


I sent an email to the band letting them know a 9 year old was celebrating her birthday with them and Chan gave a nice call out to her. It was a super fun evening.

Mazie’s iPad

We’ve crossed a big milestone this year. As of this birthday Mazie now has her very own iPad. No more sharing. It is also setup with her own accounts for email and calendaring. She’s a digital equal in the house now.

Mazie was ecstatic about it and has been having fun using it for a variety of things. I’m really hoping that she uses email and messages. She’s been playing a couple of games. She even was reviewing her calendar to see what was coming up this week. Nice!

Of course the immediate reaction from Tyler was to wonder where his is. Wait a couple years there.

Cool Like My Dad

I’m guessing this shirt isn’t going to make the cut in a couple more years. :-)

Our Neighborhood in 1938

My friend Garrick shared this link to the Minnesota Historical Aerial Photographs Online site. It is a pretty cool site where you can see aerial photos all over Minnesota going back as far as 1920. I immediately went and looked where we live and they currently only have one photo from 1938. I’ve highlighted our lot in yellow.

It was surprising to me that the tennis courts were in place back then. In fact, the entire Minnehaha Creek West Park seems to be pretty much as it is now with the same walking bridges and everything.

Our street doesn’t exist yet. The entire row of houses that we live in are not there but the other side of the block has been developed.  Our house was built the following year, in 1939.

I also pulled up our previous house in Minnetonka in 1937 and it was entirely farmland. Was still farmland in 1956. The transformation there is amazing.

Bike the Border

I helped my Uncle Tim get a new website up and running for Bike the Border, a bike ride in North Dakota that he has started running.  Another case where WordPress was able to deliver a really great CMS. In return, he set me up with this really nice jersey.

He’s going to be in the Twin Cities on July 4th and is going to join us for the Twin Cities Bicycling Club Watermelon Ride. We are going to be sporting our matching jerseys! Thanks Uncle Tim!

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