Hi! My name is Jamie Thingelstad. I tend to be all over the place online and this very simple web page is a place to start.

Let me introduce myself. I'm 41 and am married to the most awesome Tammy. We have two fabulous kids, Mazie and Tyler. I love being a Dad. It's the best thing ever. We have a dog named Chase who thinks he is a lap dog in a black lab body.

I really like to explore new things. The result of that is that I have too many hobbies. I would consider myself an amateur photographer. I'm a fairly avid blogger at thingelstad.com where I write about whatever I feel like. I am fanatical about the Big Green Egg and take pictures of things on the grill a lot. I am a lucky member of the R/W Book Club. I'm a supporter of the open web and love to see people using the web on open platforms.

I've been an Internet CTO for a long time. I've learned a lot about serving big audiences on the web, most of it the hard way. I was the founding CTO for BigCharts. We were bought by MarketWatch and I was CTO there and we did some awesome stuff. Then that was bought by Dow Jones and I was a CTO there. A lot of changes, all without moving offices. Now I'm CTO for a social commerce startup called 8thBridge.

I try to give back where I can. I have really enjoyed serving on the board of CaringBridge, an amazing organization that helps people keep in touch with friends and family during medical journeys. I am also a board member at Minne*, the organization that puts together Minnebar and Minnedemo.

Great to meet you!