Stopping Twitter Updates on Facebook

Please be aware this this blog post was published mulitple years ago. It is very possible that links on this page will not work as intended.

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook you are going to see a lot fewer updates from me going forward. I’ve decided to no longer send Twitter updates to my Facebook profile.


I was having a great lunch with my friend Jim Bernard and he had mentioned that he had severed the Twitter-Facebook bridge and I was curious. He explained to me his reasoning and much of it rung true to me. I also reflected on feedback I got from people that I know on Facebook and they were commenting that I updated a lot, usually with a note of annoyance. The reality was I used Twitter a decent amount, and I never do Facebook updates.

Twitter was one of the early applications deployed when Facebook opened up their platform to third parties. I quickly added it and never thought much about it. Plus, at that time, the people I had connections with on Facebook were largely the same people that I had connections with on Twitter. So it seemed to make sense to just mirror things.

That has changed a lot. Facebook is a very different community than Twitter. There is a lot less overlap between my social network on Facebook than Twitter. Twitter users expect a different volume of updates, and have a wider range of context for those updates. Lastly, sending a lot of Tweets to Facebook just creates a lot of noise. The two systems have different cultures: Twitter is a hot tub, Facebook is a high school reunion.

If you want to still get my Twitter updates, you can follow me on Twitter. If we aren’t friends on Facebook, check out my profile page. I will continue to syndicate my blog posts to my Facebook profile.

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