Yum Kitchen and Bakery

Continuing my trend of mentioning new restaurants that we really like I would be remiss without highlighting Yum Kitchen and Bakery [mentioned at The Rake]. Before you go looking for a website, it seems they do not have one yet. They are very new, but it”s a bit shocking to me that they do not have a website. Luckily though they have great food.

We tried it out today and it was very good. It’s a very interesting deli/bakery kind of setup. The inside is designed in an interesting way — you order food in one place, get beverages in another, pay in another. Now that I think of it, kind of like a cafeteria. Don”t let that worry you though!

We had the chicken chili and it was very good. I also have been on some odd trip to find really good macaroni and cheese. I”m pleased to say, theirs is very good. Last but not least, the desert counter is pretty amazing. Definitely worth a visit!

5 thoughts on “Yum Kitchen and Bakery

  1. The reuben was good too, reminds me of the old Lincoln Del. The banana peanut butter monkey cake was good too, but a little too rich for my tastes. Don’t plan to eat the whole piece.

  2. I would agree! Yum Kitchen has great pizza as well. I was looking for the website of Yum and I found this post so I decided to add.

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