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Western Digital 1TB My Book

westerndigital-mb-studio_1.jpgA long, long time ago I decided to do an experiment. I built a server with 1 terabyte in storage. I wanted to see if the average person could deploy a terabyte of storage. The answer to my question was a solid no. That was April 2004. It cost a little over $3,000 and was painful. Oh times have changed.

I was loitering around the Apple Store the other day and I saw this nifty little Western Digital 1TB My Book. I was hesitant to purchase this since I figured mail order would be a better deal. I whipped out my iPhone and surmised that I was going to pay a $30 “convenience” cost to walk out of the store with it right then. Off I went.

I realize it sounds kind of “old man” of me to say that I’m amazed I can get 1 terabyte in a single disk. But, I am amazed! This is a decent drive too, supporting FireWire 400 and 800, as well as standard USB. As an added bonus it supports eSATA. I have it on my FireWire 800 port with the Mac Pro and it’s nice and fast.

I’m not brave enough to let Time Machine take this drive and have it’s way with it. I’m going to keep on using Chronosync to backup home movies, photos and iTunes media to it. I also need to find a place to put the raw DVD rips of 300 discs that I’m planning to start soon. More on that another time…

If you are looking for a big, huge disk to have around this is an easy alternative. Surely a lot easier than building a horrific box with 8 SATA drives. Ugh!

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  1. Jamie, beware of the MyBook 1T. I bought one a little over a month ago to use as a master backup along w/TimeMachine on my iMac.

    The TimeMachine program works fine, but if the MyBook spins down for some reason, it does not come back up on its own. Initially I thought the drive had simply died. I tried turning it off and on, unplugging it, manually remounting it, etc. –nothing.

    See the first reviewer’s comments on the Amazon listing: htp://

    Eventually I went back to WD’s website and filled out an RMA request. I received a new drive in a couple of weeks, and proceeded to plug it in. Not a day later I had the same exact problem. I did a search of blogs & support forums and found that many people also had the same problem. For some reason it doesn’t spin back up on its own. I eventually got it to remount, but only after a lot of manual jacking around.

    So hopefully you won’t have the same problem. I’m currently looking for a new drive to replace this one and am planning on returning it to the big blue box.


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