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I’ve been having a lot of fun working with MediaWiki and particularly the Semantic MediaWiki extensions. A few months ago a friend from when I worked at Dow Jones, Armistral, asked me for some input on how he could build this website he was working on. He wanted to create a site where people could work together to solve problems. Thus WeSolver was born. I strongly recommended that he use MediaWiki and he ran with it. The site is now live and he’s done a nice job setting it all up. Check it out and if your so inspired see what you can do to help with a solution!

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  1. Hi Jamie,

    I just ran across this while googling myself ( I am not ashamed to admit I do from time to time, I am ashamed to admit I was not following your blog regular enough!).

    Thank you for the shout out for WeSolver and thank you for the inspiration to make it happen and all the advice and examples along that way!

    Best Regards,


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