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Weight Loss Check-in for Oct 24, 2008

For those of you tracking my progress on my weight loss journey here is an update. Since my last check-in I have had a lot of great progress. At my last check-in I was at 314.6 and today I’m at 307.4, losing 7.2 pounds in those two weeks with a total loss of 14.8 pounds. Most of that weight came off in the last week with some intentionally focused high-quality food work.

I’ve continued my program without any changes and I’m feeling really good. If anything, I was a lot less hungry in the last week which isn’t surprising. I’m currently on track to hit my first goal of being sub-300 by the end of the year, and am actually a bit ahead.


  1. @JEB,

    Thanks! On a roll now…

  2. Woah, 14 lbs? Keep it going! It took me a long time that diet is critical. I used to think that I could just run my way to feeling good and I could eat whatever I want – as long as I kept running. Now before I go on a long run I make sure to eat good the few days before. It’s amazing the difference!

    Keep going!

  3. Thanks Damon!

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