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Weekend in Chicago

Tammy and I had our first big weekend away without Mazie. We went to Chicago and took advantage of the long weekend. Tammy did all the preparations and built an entire weekend agenda around what she knew I would like to do. We indulged in a fancy hotel, great restaurants, museums and shows.

peninsula-logo.gifI like nice hotels — I admit it. I’m not high maintenance, requiring them. But it’s nice to enjoy a great hotel. The Chicago Peninsula hotel was certainly spot on. The service was lavish, the rooms were opulent and the amenities were amazing. The rooms were wired up with central controls for all light, entertainment and heating controls. All the controls for pretty much everything were right there on this great console next to the bed. The Spa services were amazing, although very overpriced. It was a shame that we didn’t get there until 2:30 am on Saturday morning to enjoy the hotel!

btn_yolk_f2.gifOn Saturday we had a full day. We had a great breakfast at Yolk, a new restaurant south on Michigan Ave. After that we went to the Field Museum for a short trip through one of the wings. We only had less than 2 hours at the museum. Then onto our massages and an hour at the gym before heading to dinner at Trattoria No. 10 followed by two seats at Wicked.

wicked.jpgWicked was simply great. Neither Tammy or I are huge theater people, but we enjoy an occasional show. As such, my view of Wicked is far from thorough or scientific. That aside, I really enjoyed it and it was the first musical that I would happily go to again. You should check it out if you have the opportunity. It is worth the effort!

We had a more relaxed day on Sunday with breakfast in the room and a somewhat cheesy Untouchables Bus Tour of Chicago. We got to drive around the city and get the lowdown on various gangster shootings and see some the places that Capone and others hung out during there times.

We did a little shopping on Michigan Ave, including an obligatory stop at the Apple Store to marvel at the glass staircase. Walking across the glass bridge on the 2nd level was a bit eerie. We tried a new place for deep dish pizza, Paisano’s. I was a bit disappointed. Gino’s East is still my preferred. Paisono’s just wasn’t deep enough. Not enough sauce.

It was a great weekend. A huge thanks to both Grandma’s for watching Mazie while we were gone. It was a little hard leaving her behind for so long, but was great to know she was in great hands. And an even bigger thanks to my great wife for setting up the whole weekend! You rock dear!


  1. It sounded like fun!

    I kind of want to see Wicked…but I feel like I should read the book first? Like with Les Mis, I wouldn’t have understood much without reading the story first, you know?

  2. I didn’t know you were headed this way. If you do make it down again try this for pizza.

    Puts any other kind of Chicago pizza to shame. If you need proof just ask Crussell what the best pizza is and I bet hands down papa’s will be the answer.

  3. Howdy Jamie :-)

    Lois and I rarely go to the theater unless we have out of town guests. Of course, we have out of town guests more often than lots of people do, so we go more than we otherwise would.

    I’ve never understood people who go to see a musical more than once, let alone more than twice. That said, Lois has seen Lion King three times, and would go again.

    Last summer, we went to see Wicked in NYC because our goddaughter was up visiting. We were _blown away_. We’ve seen it three times since, and I would go again in a heartbeat, if I wasn’t _so_ disappointed in the YouTube videos of the current Elphaba on Broadway :-(.

    As for Brian’s comment about reading the book, I didn’t, but Lois (my wife) did. The show is definitely based on the book, but apparently _very_ loosely, and it takes amazing liberties. From my perspective, those liberties are the right ones, and it’s completely unnecessary to read the book first.

    Knowing the Wizard of Oz story is crucial, and after our first time seeing Wicked, we bought the WoO DVD and watched it again, and loved it again :-)

    Jamie, if you and Tammy ever get to NYC, give us advanced warning, and we’ll get tickets for the 4 of us :-)

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