Visiting National Eagle Center

While in Wabasha for the weekend we spent the morning at the National Eagle Center.

Mazie and I also attended one of their workshops and learned a lot about the Bald Eagles and got to see one of them have lunch.

Definitely a fun place to stop in Wabasha on your next trip!

3 thoughts on “Visiting National Eagle Center

  1. Beautiful! So glad you are seeing all these things. Grandpa and I used to stop at all the road sign stops, don’t know how we ever got any where? But loved it! We did see a live eagle too but don’t remember just where. Love Grandma.

  2. Anywhere between Red Wing to Wabasha is a great area to see bald eagles. There is a park in Red Wing (Colvill Park?) that is a great spot to watch them around February/March, when the ice is melting. The eagles are making their way north around that time.

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