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Upgrade Bonanza!

Some of you reading this realize how much I like to upgrade things. I really do. I’m not saying it is wise, but I feel a nearly unstoppable urge to upgrade as soon as I can. And my favorite kind of upgrade? Firmware. Upgrading firmware is absolutely delicious.

Tonight was a marvelous feast. Upgrading iOS on an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, two iPad’s and two 2nd generation Apple TV’s. Just great!


  1. I feel the same way, spent my evening doing the same, and another 2 hours remotely reconfiguring my dad’s (florida) iTunes library, first generation ATV, time machine, airport express, and vonage phone/router; I felt like tech support….people are supposed to call me about medical problems, you know, the easy stuff.

  2. Me too. I don’t even get (too) mad when things go really badly, as that’s just an excuse to tinker more, and check out other options.
    I am currently so in love with my Droid custom ROM (Simply Stunning 4.9) that I secretly hope they never upgrade it, because it’s reasonably flawless. Of course, when they upgrade, I won’t be able to resist, so I can only hope they don’t touch off another cycle of testing 10 other ROMs. ;-)

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