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Upcoming Office Holiday Party

Our annual holiday party at the office is coming up this weekend. It has been a tradition for many years to have a theme. There was a black & tie year. There was a year you came as a favorite figure in history. There was even a cowboy year that didn’t go over so well.

This year the theme is 70′s Disco — and Tammy and I are going all out. Here is a sneak peak!


Get ready to boogy!


  1. Jamie, I look forward to seeing the pictures of you and Tammy in costume on your website.

  2. Note: I have been corrected by my esteemed colleagues that there was never, ever a Cowboy year. Apologies for the incorrect reference.

    There was a Roaring 20′s year however that was not mentioned above.

  3. You are just begging for me to post a comment. Your crossed out comment infers
    that these parties are not stellar events every year which is really quite slanderous.
    You better watch out when you are perched on those platforms that “someone”
    doesn’t knock you off……..

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