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Unauthorized Transactions

This morning when I checked my email I found many more unread messages than typical. A bit concerned, I found many PayPal messages.


That isn’t a great way to start the day. You see, I have no idea who “NC Interactive, Inc.” is. Additionally, I can tell you that at that time I was fast asleep getting a good nights rest. Ugh!

It seems that someone got access to my account and decided to buy some credits for an online game. Each transaction was between $39 and $59. There were 16 transactions totaling nearly a $1,000 of fraudulent charges.

After seeing this I immediately changed my password as well as my secret question answers. I filed these transactions as fraudulent and I’m assuming that this will be easy to get PayPal to reverse. However, they say it will take about a week to get it resolved.

I wonder if the criminal just stopped using it after $1,000? The charges stopped a couple of hours before I noticed it and changed the password. They didn’t seem to do anything further in my account either.

In years of using PayPal, and generally just doing commerce on the web, this is the first time I’ve gotten hit with any fraudulent activity. I guess my luck ran out.


  1. Something similar happened to me with Paypal this past summer. What frustrated me the most was that they didn’t really do anything. I got my money back but they said that fraud was “too wide spread” to try to track down the person.

  2. Wow, that really sucks. I hope PayPal is able to reverse everything!

    – tim

  3. I’m happy to report back that only 2 days after issuing the challenge (and on a weekend) PayPal decided all 16 transactions in my favor. Aside from a number of security things that I had to redo in my account things seem to be back to normal.

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