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Tyler's Tractor

Shortly after Tyler was born my Mom got him a pedal tractor. At my Grandparents farm there was always a metal pedal tractor that my cousins and I use to ride all the time. In comparison to new toys, it was ridiculously heavy and hard to get moving. But we had a great time with it. It was a John Deere, just like Grandpa drove.

I’ve kept the tractor in the box since Tyler was just too small, but I decided to put it together today so he can start playing with it. He is still far too small to make it go, but he thought it was pretty cool to sit on!

I had to do one of these hip retro photos too.

Mazie had to give it a try to!


  1. way cool! love his smile and how happy he looks! looks like Mazie could even have some fun with it! Grandpa’s for sure smiling now!

  2. Will comment on both Mazie and Tylers. Mazie on that picture is grown up cute enjoyed my time with her. Tyler looks so big on that tractor. Nice Mazie could still fit on it. Give them both a big Hug from me! Love Grandma Rose!

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