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Thingelstads Announce Pregnancy

MINNETONKA, Nov 25, 2004 (BABYWIRE) — Jamie and Tammy Thingelstad took a moment out of their Thanksgiving day activities to announce they are pregnant with their first child. The couple are ecstatic with the news and eager to let friends and family know.

The Thingelstads had decided that it was time to start a family shortly after getting married in 2002. After an unsuccesful attempt last year they were eager to try again. Tammy suspected that she was pregnant after having continual cravings for Lion’s Tap cheeseburgers. She took a home pregnancy test and was excited to see the good news. It was very early though and the couple kept the news close.

After passing the first trimester the couple made a trip to get an ultrasound as initial tests for the heartbeat were not successful. The ultrasound showed a healthy, early stage baby with two legs, two arms, a huge head and a quickly beating heart. While conducting the ultrasound it kicked a few times and spun around. Fetal movement is a great sign of a healthy baby.

This is the first grandchild for both sets of grandparents. Upon reaching them they were overjoyed. Kaye Olson, mother of Tammy, simply shrieked after hearing the news! Rosalin Chrest, mother to Jamie, was excited to hear the news and started sewing baby clothes immediately. Meanwhile Don Olson, famed softball coach and father to Tammy, immediately renewed his contract with the local girl’s softball league and quickly joined Tammy in hoping for a daughter. The numerous aunt’s of the future child were all delighted as well.

The Thingelstads are looking forward to a smooth pregnancy and a new member to the family in June of 2005. Tammy is hopeful the child will not take after her husband’s 9 lbs 8 oz birth.

About the Thingelstads

Jamie and Tammy Thingelstad reside in Minnetonka, Minnesota with their cats Logan and Gypsie. They have been married since July, 2002. The couple enjoys outdoor activities and decorating a very colorful house.

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Jamie and Tammy Thingelstad


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations!!!! So happy for the both of you! Or should I say the three of you!

    I wish you nothing but the best….and very cool letting the family know on Thanksgiving. I am sure that will provide a story for many Thanksgivings to come…


  2. Congratulations – this is absolutely huge! You’ll both make very excellent parents.

    Good luck on your next journey!

  3. Tammy and Jamie:

    Now you have even more for which to be thankful, in addition to each other.

    I presume the baby gift registry will be at Fry’s (


  4. Congratulations to both of you!!!! ‘Nuff said.

  5. Just found today, Wow!! Great news!!! We are so happy for the both of you. If you decide to have it early. Quinn’s birthday in May 29th. Ha ha. Take care.

  6. Congratulations to both of you. Your news brought a shriek of congratulations from the Bernard-Merideths in DesMoines. Someting to be thankful for!

    However, I’d like to strike a cautionary note. I’m hoping that this isn’t going to reduce the kind of hard hitting news that we’ve come to expect from — gutter additions, vaccum specs, screeds about the dishonest balloon people. Anybody can put pictures of their kids on the Internet, what brings your readers back is the true minute details, and wacky counter posts…

    We’ll do our best to keep you honest! ; >

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! What wonderful news for us to get back from up North, to. Tammy don’t worry about 9 pound babys, I had 2 of them (Teagan 9.8 & Gavin 9.12). Having a 9 pound baby isn’t much differant from a 7 pounder. Plus bigger babys are stronger. ;-) We here at the Tersteeg’s can’t wait to meet the new Thingelstad. Teagan and Gavin love babys and are very excited.

  8. Congratulations!! Parenthood is simple…..until the kid is born. Take care.


  9. Alona and Torrac

    November 28, 2004 at 9:25 pm

    We are so excited to have a nephew or niece! Be ready for this baby to be very spoiled!

  10. Wow, that’s super news. Congratulations.

  11. Congratulations! You’re life will change in so many wonderful and unexpected ways. Enjoy the ride!

  12. Congratulations… "Having a baby changes everything" :)

  13. Congratulations! Thats great news! Our prayers are with you for a smooth pregnancy and a healthy baby! All the best!

  14. Fantastic!
    May you all be happy, healthy and, well if you’re happy and healthy, what more do you need?

  15. Congratulations, A little late but never the less thats great news.

  16. Congratulations! I welcomed my own little bundle of joy into the world November 2, 2004 – and she’s five weeks old now. Time really flies, so savor every day and take lots of pictures. I’m sure you will!

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