Thingelstad Superfeed

untitled.jpgI am an RSS addict. I admit it. I probably use Google Reader as much as I use email. I've got over 150 RSS feeds that I subscribe to. Several of those feeds are watching my friends blogs so I can keep up-to-date with new things they post. The majority of people that read my own blog read it entirely in their RSS reader and almost never go to the site. I just love those little feeds all over the place. I consume almost all of my news via RSS. A few months ago Yahoo! launched Pipes, there new product that allows you to play with feeds in new ways. I was recently thinking about all the people that subscribe to my blog and wishing that it would be easier for them to also get RSS feeds of my other content. Pictures posted to Flickr. Claims made on Jyte. Websites claimed with ClaimID. Thus the Superfeed was born.

The Superfeed combines 14 (at present) different RSS feeds into one big Superfeed that you can subscribe to and get a full feed of my content on the Internet. Or at least most of it. I will add feeds to it, and remove some as needed. But with Pipes this one feed will stay current of all my content that I create around the web. (RSS)

The Superfeed is a big enough innovation, but wait, there is more! I've also created a Highlights feed. The highlights feed brings you a unified feed of items I digg, things I share from other RSS feeds and items I tag in With one simple feed you get to see what things I found interesting enough to share with all of you, assuming you care. How awesome is that! (RSS)

So go ahead and fire up your feed reader and add the Superfeed and the Highlights feed. Let me know what you think of them. I can add or remove some stuff. Here are the links for convenience again.

PS: It's really easy to make your own superfeed using Yahoo! Pipes. Go ahead and make one and share. I'd love to get some Superfeeds from others!

Update (June 4, 2011): The Superfeed that I was running in Yahoo! Pipes has been deleted. If you wish to find other RSS feeds to subscribe to related to my stuff on the web see my feeds page for an index.