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The Man with 22 Clocks Hates DST

I really don’t care for daylight savings time. There are a couple of things I appreciate. The balance of getting more light earlier and later is a give and take. Mostly I really dislike how it disrupts my sleep pattern. It always seems to take a full week for me to get used to it. It’s like mini-jet lag without moving anywhere.

My method for dealing with it is very specific. I like to make sure I change every clock before I go to sleep, and then I wake up somewhat unaware that anything changed. I forgot to do that last night so I had to run around first thing this morning before I became cognizant of the time. As I was changing the 15th clock it dawned on me that we have household clock proliferation.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Digital cameras all have clocks. Had to change two of these. Let’s see, there is enough computer in here to do amazing stuff with imaging but no ability to automatically change the clock?
  • Remote controls!? You bet. Two Philips Pronto’s with their own clocks. They can learn IR codes and do all sorts of gymnastics that make them worthwhile. Dealing with DST is not one of them.
  • One Polar wristwatch. It can tell me what my heart rate is and theoretically my VO2 Max but no clue about handling DST.
  • Microwave and ovens both have clocks, two more. I’m not going to blame them a lot since the electronics are so basic. But it sure would be easy to fix.
  • The phones have their own clock. Kudos to them for taking the time of the master unit so I don’t have to change it on every phone. But it has date and time, it’s trivial to adjust for DST as well!
  • I count at least 10 good ole’ clocks that I had to change. Can’t blame them, it’s just a AA battery with a clock mechanism.

Only devices to deal with this on their own are the computers and our TiVo. There has to be a better way.


  1. My vote? Get rid of DST. Who needs it anymore?

  2. Dude, "Digital cameras all have clocks. Had to change two of these", "Two Philips Pronto’s with their own clocks".

    Now I grew up in a house with 20 + old school mechanical clocks (son of a clock builder) and I’ve got a fair number of clocks myself BUT… I never even thought about changing the time on my digital cameras or camcorders.

    So I shot video of my sisters kids softball game at 4pm when it was really 5pm, at least I got the date right.


  3. I also hate this damn daylight saving time, us country folks calls this the rich mans time. Our poor little kids have to go to the bus stop of a morning in the dark, working people have to drive in the fog since its not lifted that early,and who cares when they get in from work where the fricking sun is you are so fricking tired anyway who cares about the extra hour, you just have to go to bed an hour earlier and the damned sun is still out. What a crock of shit, I feel like we are being dictated, next they will want to change the color of water and these srupid gullible people will go along with it. Indiana is smart, they never have gone along with the bullshit of DST.Whoever started this daylight savings time should live in the real world, instead of laying in a bed of roses of a morning. wish the sob had to walk in my shoes. Hating daylight savings time or should I say being controlled. Boo Dictatorship and then they talk about Hitler

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