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“I’m a boy and I’m three.”

When Tyler came down from his room this morning I gave him a big hug and wished him a very, very happy birthday. He replied to me that “I’m a boy and I’m three.” Indeed Tyler, indeed. Tyler had a great day today. He had preschool and got to bring cupcakes for the other kids. He loves preschool. I ducked out of work early and we all met for a dinner of his choosing at Yum!. Tyler picked a big bowl of mac-n-cheese as always, and an even bigger cookie to celebrate his birthday.

Tyler playing with his new worktable.

Tyler playing with his new worktable.

Mazie showing Tyler how to use his new car toy.

Mazie showing Tyler how to use his new car toy.

We finished the day with presents at home and the whole family watching Misty Island Rescue, his favorite Thomas movie.

I asked him before bed if he had a great birthday he he said “Yes Dad.” How great to be three!

Tyler’s Favorite Website

Lately Tyler has taken to sitting down at the iMac, logging in on the guest account, starting a Safari which takes him to Apple’s website. He then watches video after promotional video.

It’s now totally common to hear Jony Ives saying “aluminium” at random intervals.

Dads and Donuts at Berry Patch

Today I got to take Tyler to Berry Patch for pre-school to attend Dads and Donuts day! Tyler was super excited for Dad to come to school with him. We played with Play-Doh while everyone arrived. We then went in and talked to Fireman Tom from the Edina Fire Department. Tyler was sitting up front and volunteered to come up front and try on a fire fighter suit! He was so excited!

He got to stand in fireman boots:

Put on a fireman jacket!

And a real fireman helmet!

After our talk with Fireman Tom we went out front and got to see a ladder truck up close! Tyler posed with Ms. Anita for a picture in front of the truck.

He even got to drive it!

We finished with a delicious donut with another fire truck on the table!

Tyler’s “Big Boy” Cookie

They were out of the small kids chocolate chip cookies at Yum! tonight. Tyler didn’t seem to mind! I’m pretty sure it was bigger than his head.

And to answer the obvious question? He ate it all, minus a couple of bites he shared with Dad!

Mazie and Tyler

Love these two so much. Both pictures by my other love, Tammy.

Trolley Train

Tyler and I visited Choo Choo Bob’s today and somehow this happened.


Playing in Creek

We all had fun playing in the creek tonight after dinner.


Tyler at the Keys

This weekend we were at Tammy’s folks and Tyler disappeared upstairs on his own. I went up to find him and this is what he was up to. Like Father like Son? :-)


Green Hat

This morning Tyler and I made a donut run for the family. He was digging his green hat.

Driveway getting ready to go.

At Catfish Coffee enjoying a macchiato with Dad.

Checking out the cow outside of Bakers Wife, bag of donuts in hand.

Tyler Turns Two

Tyler turned two today! We had a festive birthday party with family over last weekend so that Hector and Michelle could join in the fun from New York. Today was his actual birthday and we had a nice day together to celebrate the big day!

Tyler got a fun mobile from Mazie for his room, and a cool race car toy from Tammy and I. Tyler and I made a trip to A Baker’s Wife’s donuts in the morning, Tyler is a big fan of their sprinkled donuts. They gave him an extra one for free for his birthday! We had a fun morning playing, jumping, sliding and wrestling on the floor.

Tyler Jumping on Trampoline

Tyler jumping with joy at being two!

For lunch Tyler got one of his favorites, the Mac and Cheese at Yum! Mazie had a friend birthday party today that worked perfectly with Tyler’s nap and afterwards we went to Edinborough Park in Edina for more playing.

Tyler at two is constantly moving, playful, funny, opinionated, kinetic. Not much of a talker, but I think the words are coming very soon. He’s a complete monkey and will climb anything you put in front of him. Tyler gives me an awesome gift every day when I come home from work. He runs to the door screaming “DAD!” and hugs my legs to pick him up.

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