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Super Cool Avatars

I’m giddy! It’s like Christmas around the Thingelstad house. Why? We have new avatars!

Several weeks ago a friend of mine clued me in on this service at Iconize Me! Iconize Me is the brain-child of Paul Sahner who decided to start creating caricature based avatars for people online. Iconize Me! is a great service, but it’s completely overloaded. They’ve stopped taking pre-orders again. Huge plus, you get vector images back. Can’t wait to make my 10 foot poster!

I think this is brilliant. I’ve always just used a head shot photo but using a real photo is, well, a real photo. A drawing is a little less personal but still gives you that individual identity. Enough of the words, here is my new avatar. (These images are all much bigger than would be typically used.)


Of course I didn’t want to be the only one around the house with a cool avatar, so we got them for the whole family!

Here is Tammy’s


Mazie got one too of course. She does have an account on the iMac after all.


And lastly I as trying to find a good option for an image for this website and to use as “cover art” in iTunes for home movies. Voila!



  1. Those are great and way cute! They could be your own
    comic book, your own Holiday cards, the endless
    possiblities! And they look like all of you! Thanks for sharing

  2. I had noticed the family caricature on your web
    site last week and wondered how it had been
    created. Now I know! Very cute. The
    resemblance is remarkable. Did you send a
    picture of you individually or did the creator
    have a group picture too?

  3. I sent him individual photos for each of the images that he used as the source. The family shot is the one from the Olson Family weekend. You can see the original here

  4. This is really neat! You must of had a fun day putting all this together. You all look great. Grandpa would of got a kick out of it,maybe he is.

  5. Jamie, which artist did your avatars? There are 3 on the site and I really like the style of the ones you had done.

  6. Oh wow those are really cute!!! That was a really good idea. They would be cute holiday cards or something to that effect.

  7. Jamie, I think your avatars are way cool as well. I’m glad you provided a link. Now they just need to start taking orders so I can get one done.

  8. @Phil: these were done by Paul.

    @Pat: No kidding. They seem to be completely swamped with business. Good stuff!

  9. Wow!!! Those look really cool. I love how much they really look like you. Happy avataring.

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