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Star Wars III

Tammy and I went to Star Wars Episode III today. We made a point to go to the DLP theater at the Eden Prairie AMC. The theater did a really great job with the entirely digital movie.

I liked the movie more than I expected. I figured it would be good, but it exceeded my expectations. The Star Wars crowd did not let down either, the nerd ratio was definitely on the high-end. The story was great. Perhaps my only negative, and it’s minor, was that I didn’t care much for the idea behind the droid general, although his saber moves were pretty impressive.

So the second arc of the Star Wars saga is concluded. I’m left really hoping that Lucas takes a stab at the final third arc with episodes seven through nine. We’ll see!

I’m looking forward to the War of the Worlds and the Chronicles of Narnia series to come to the theater.


  1. I can’t imagine what would stop him from doing 7 through 9 in a few years (and 10 to 12 when he’s in his 80’s).

  2. I saw the movie at the DLP theater at the Eden Prairie AMC as well. The presentation was great. I highly recommend seeing the movie in digital if at all possible. I am not holding my breath for 7-9 as Lucas has repeatedly stated he will not be doing those movies. Things can change though so there is always hope.

  3. Haven’t seen it yet and that is odd since I saw Episode I four times on release day and Episode II twice on release day (midnight showings included for both). I’m somewhat afraid to be let down by the last chapter in the cycle. I’m not worried about seeing it in a Digital theater and that is good since I don’t think Iowa City has one. George’s "digital vision" is way less important than a solid storyline, something that I and II lacked. Just because it’s digital does not mean it’s good, take a look at what happened to IV, V and IV when he got his digital elves on them, I’d rather watch the LaserDisks.


    But, I’m only expecting "really good". IMHO none of the movies will *ever* come close to the epic story that opened up a new world of wonder and imagination that is Episode IV (original and not mucked with). As for VII, VIII and IX, He *repeatedly* states he will not make them. He has "blessed" the Timothy Zahn trilogy of books as a continuation of the Star Wars story and while they are not Epic they are don’t have any Jar Jar Binks.

  4. Lucas will probably just wait until he’s literaly being begged to make the last 3. More of an event that way. I can imagine how he’d feel a little trapped by that series by now.

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