5 thoughts on “Standing Desk Trial

  1. Ive got a similar setup and found I needed to raise my monitor height to eye level otherwise my neck and shoulders got tired from looking down. Other than that adjustment, I love it!


    • I’m only a day into it Casey and I can see that. I don’t mind looking down a bit, but I can see there is going to be some neck trouble over the long haul. Will look at a better setup based on how this trial goes.

  2. Have you seen the walking desks? One of our attorney’s has a standing desk and decided to try a walking desk…it’s like a treadmill, with a computer desk on top of it and you walk really slow etc. Kind of interesting.

    • Seen a bunch of them and a friend of mine has tried it by just building a laptop table on his treadmill. I would love to have one, but they are very large and very expensive (which is true of just treadmills in general).

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