Sounds of Glacier

About three years ago Dante Vono sent around some links to photos he had taken in Italy. They were really great photos, but what hit me more was that he had taken a handful of them with an audio recording as well. I looked at those photos and listened to the audio and was amazed at how the sound just transported me to the place. Arguably, it was more powerful than just watching a video of it.

Inspired by his example, I attempted to do something similar using my Zoom H2 in Glacier National Park. Hit play to experience this picture fully. I like how you can hear the rapids in the background with the water dripping off the rock over the top.


4 thoughts on “Sounds of Glacier

  1. Hi, Mom and I just looked at and read all the blogs and the pictures. I love the sound with the picture-feels like you could be there. The pictures are fun to see all of you having so much fun together. Some of the shots are places I have remembered going to also. We’ve had a great time here in ND, we’re going to do many things today and then to Minot for the evening and back to the city tomorrow. I’ll have to listen to your new band when I get home, not enough time here– wow, pancake breakfast in Portal this morning- they had a bachelor/bachelorette party for us last night, etc. Love you all! Mom

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