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Salut and Ravello

We stopped by two new restaurants yesterday and were happy with both. We had lunch at Salut in Minneapolis, at the 50th and France area. Salut is a fairly new French bistro. Don’t let the French part scare you off — they have an extremely approachable menu. It’s owned by the same people that own Manny’s (my favorite steakhouse!), Chino Lationa, Good Earth, etc. so you can rest assured that it’s going to be at least passable.

We entered the restaurant and I was shocked by it’s size. Much bigger inside than I expected from the outside. The menu was very good. Tammy and I had a glass of the Riesling. Wine at lunch? Sure, we’re on vacation! It was great. I had the steak frites for my lunch and Tammy had the steak sandwich. My tenderloin was amazing, and the frites were equally impressive. Highly recommend this place.

We then had dinner with our friends Jim and Suzie at Ravello. We ended up here because of a recommendation from a friend at the office, and really liked it. It’s in Long Lake so a bit of a drive unless you live in the western suburbs. They have a nice wine menu, and the lamb shank was delicious.


  1. I would highly recommend Broders (, if you already haven’t been there. It’s an Italian pasta bar, located in South Minneapolis. You can choose to sit at the pasta bar, or get a table of your own. My personal favorites: Roasted Garlic Antipasti, and Ravioli entree. Not to mention, they’re quite reasonably priced for the quality of food / service.

  2. I still recommend Cosetta’s (located down the street from the X) in St. Paul to everyone. If it’s good enough for the Chairman of the Board (Frank Sinatra for those of you who don’t know), then it’s got to be a good restaurant.

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