Road Trip So Long You Need An Oil Change

oil-change-small.jpegYesterday we passed a milestone on the Summer of Love. After 29 days on the road and driving 4,541 miles the Honda Odyssey kindly let us know that it was due for an oil change.

Before we left on our trip my friend Kent had the revelation that our trip was so long that even with a fresh oil change, which we had done, we would need to have an oil change on the way. This, rightfully so, justified in his mind an entirely new level of road trip. One that exceeds all relevant norms. In fact, after learning of our oil change he reclassified the Summer of Love as an “epic” trip.

There isn’t that much in Sedona, so on our way back from the Grand Canyon yesterday we stopped in Flagstaff to run a number of errands — including getting the oil changed at Flagstaff Honda.

7 thoughts on “Road Trip So Long You Need An Oil Change

  1. I am equally shocked and jealous of this historical event! At the same time, I am a little surprised that you did not take this opportunity to tag this post as “bragging”.

    If you have ever had anything to brag about this would be it. I doubt any of your loyal readers have experienced a vacation so long it required an oil change. For those that have, my hat tips for you. :)

  2. I’d recommend synthetic oil (which all new BMW use). You get a heck of a lot more mileage for oil change. Although synthetic does typically cost a little more.

  3. My longest trip was from Seattle to Orlando 3155 miles I did it 5 days going there and 4 coming home. I did an oil change at the beginning and end.

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