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Some would say that I have too many hobbies. I can’t help it! I
find most things (particularly things with gear) to be amazingly
interesting. It’s just part of my personality. Ever since I was a kid I
wanted to figure out how things work, and hobbies are great for
excercising that desire.

About 5 years ago (really, 5 years) I got into remote control cars in a
big way. I think another guy at the office (can’t remember who to blame offhand!) got one and then a few of us
decided we all had to have one as well. We all got the HPI
Racing RS4 MT
with electric motor. The electric motor made these a lot
easier to build and operate than the gas cars. We all got them running
and had a few days of fun racing them around, jumping them and of
course breaking them.

A subset of us thought this was all fun but wanted to get into the real thing,
gas cars! I bought the HPI RTR Nitro RS4 and started to put it together. This all
happened in about 2 months. I’m a little obssessive and when I focus on
something, it’s all mine.

Then it stopped.

We didn’t get together to race them. One of the guys with a gas car got
his working but then we all just kind of forgot this obsession and
moved on to other things to assimilate. That was over four years ago. My gas car was only half put together.

One of the things about me and hobbies [obsessions] is that I may give
them a break, but I rarely just leave them forever. A few weeks ago we were
driving out of a grocery store by our house and there was a race track
setup where guys were racing their RC cars. I announced to Tammy “I should
get my cars going!”. A few shipments from later and I got
everything going — including finishing and getting my gas car going —
5 years after I bought it! (It is now a discontinued model!)

I finished the gas one this weekend and primed the motor up. I’ve ran a
few tanks of gas through it to break in the engine and tuned it up a
bit, it’s working great. The electric car needed a new chassis plate so
I replaced that and also took an opportunity to finish routing cables
on it and retensioning the cable.

They are both a lot of fun to drive. I need to tune the gas one
further, the steering isn’t quite in alignment and the clutch doesn’t
release soon enough. I’ll get to that later, maybe four years from now.


  1. You can blame me. Had mine out a few weeks ago teaching Teagan to drive. She’s OK until she grabs a bunch of thottle and smacks something like a curb (bad for car), or her little brother (bad for kid).

  2. And me, because I bought his car for him on some holiday ( it was a long time ago). Other wise he would still be researching the thing. BTW ask Chris how his R/C plane is doing?

  3. It figures that this all started with you guys. :-)

    RC Plane? Hehe…

  4. Hi, i am into rc cars i have 6 lol. I have 3 nitro cars and 3 electric cars. I do stunts shows with all my cars and also race, but i only race one of them. I have just bought a new engine for my race car, that cost two hunderd and forty pounds. Its a OPS PRO, it revs at 38,000 rpm. I see you said your cars are Tammy cars. I dont really like them cause i had one before and i had a lot problems with it. So i moved onto HPI cars and i have never had any problems yet. All my cars r HPI now.

    If u want your clutch two kick in better, take the clutch drum off and turn the shoes over. That should make the clutch kick in a lot faster. You should go and join a club that races your type of cars , i did and its great fun. Good look with your cars mate, and have fun with them

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