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Power WordPress Presentation Materials

I’m doing my Power WordPress presentation at Minnebar today. I decided to do the presentation today without any slides but instead give everyone handouts with the relevant tips & tricks. To share the wealth here are links to the PDF files for the three sections I’m covering, Performance, Plugin Review and SEO Basics.


  1. Excellent stuff, thanks! A few new plugins I hadn’t heard of, and will be checking out this coming week. :-)

  2. Thanks for posting your tips.

    Aarons last blog post..Water Power Park

  3. nice presentation! I installed the sitemap plugin (on three blogs) while you talked!

  4. Thanks for the session, I’m a noob to WordPress and the information will really help setting up the new WordPress powered site I’ll be administering dealing with things that Make It Suck Less (MISL). Thanks again, your information definitly Make WordPress Suck Less, not that it sucks to begin with, haha.

  5. Great session! One of my favorites today. Can’t wait to clean up and streamline my blog.

  6. Jamie, sorry I missed the presentation but thanks so much for providing the docs! The performance tips are excellent, especially the htaccess suggestions. I’ve been buried a couple of times by Digg and Slashdot on one of my blogs so I’ll take any help I can get.

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