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Pictures from 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship

I didn’t get much time to take photos at the 2013 US Nationals Kubb Championship. Saturday was a day focused my team the Kubbchucks progressing through the bracket, and hoping that our club, Minnesota Kubb, did really well. Sunday I was mostly focused on scoring games for Planet Kubb and running the final parts of the Planet Kubb Club Championship. I did get my camera out for about an hour and get some shots in, but only from Sunday.


  1. How did your team do?

    • We got knocked out in the round of 32, so T-17 out of just under 90 teams. That is the same as last year, however, we did much better than last year cleanly finishing games and progressing quickly. We spent a lot of time “on the ropes” last year, and little this year. Unfortunately, I felt like the final match we lost more than we were beat which was frustrating.

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