Selling Prints

I really enjoy my photography. I find it something that gets my creative mind charged and exercises my technical capabilities. A few years ago I started to take photography more seriously. I upgraded my equipment, several times. I took a number of photography workshops. I spent time seriously evaluating my photos and looking at others. My photography website is a venue for me to highlight some of those photos. I've decided to take another step and make some of my photos available for sale. I have no idea what will come of this. It's highly possible that I'll sell none, or a couple to relatives who want to be nice, or maybe to some people that really love these images. I'm leaving it open ended. I'm starting with two images of mine that I love and seem to resonate with others, Icelandic Horse and Curves and Peak.

I looked at a few services to use for this. I'm not setup to print and frame things. I decided to use RedBubble for this. They have great products and give me enough control over the formats that the images go on. Check out my profile there or look at the order page here to see what is available.