Retina Optimized Images

I recently upgraded to a new MacBook Pro with retina display. This High-DPI display is amazing for photography. I immediately noticed that the images here left a bit to be desired on the retina display. I quickly found a fairly new plugin for WordPress to help with retina images called WP Retina 2x. I installed it and it worked pretty well right away and I could tell the retina images right away. They have a whole new level of detail to them. I did find a bug with it but I was able to troubleshoot my way through that. It is now running like a champ and the images are gorgeous. When you are on a retina display if you watch really closely you will see that the normal resolution image is loaded first, and then the higher resolution version is loaded immediately after. If you watch closely you'll see the detail fill in.

About half of my images were already big enough so that retina optimized images could be made. The other half however were ones that I uploaded 1,200 pixel wide images. I'm going to replace those media files with higher resolution versions soon so everything is retina optimized.

If you have a retina display enjoy the new look. If you notice any issues, please leave a comment here.