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Photo Storage Article Published

I sent my Digital Photography Storage Explosion article to our editorial team at MarketWatch to see if they would be interested in an article version of it for our site. They said it looked interesting so I wrote up a much smaller version and it was published today. I got a byline! :-)

This version is much abbreviated and less “research paper” like. If you find it interesting, check out the original, unabridge version.


  1. good job! the shortened version was easier for me!

  2. The short article was great, but I already read the long one. I thought the long one was more interesting though because it’s the details that make it interesting.

  3. ***Full disclosure: I work for Carbonite — a new online backup service that recently launched a photo backup product through Staples nationwide.

    Jamie — I enojyed reading your MarketWatch article. We agree completely and think we’ve got what you’re asking for — what the mainstream user needs. Carbonite is "Backup for Everyone" (TM). We currently have one product on the market (recently launched nationwide through Staples): PhotoBackup which backs up all your digital photos (whether you have 10 or 10,000) for $30/YEAR. This is just our "training wheels" and we plan to launch comprehensive PC and Mac backup services in 2006. Pricing will be similar — a very affordable monthly rate for *unlimited* backup. Most importantly, our product requires little or no ongoing user involvement.

    Please give it a try: 3-month free trials are available now at But I’m happy to give you and your blog readers a 6 month subscription for free – just email me at before Jan 15th (I can’t give these away free forever :-) ).

  4. Great work Jamie!!

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