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Parent Poll: Bath Time

I’m curious to hear from other parents out there on a bath time poll.

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  1. Depended on season, as well. As often as possible in the Summer, unless a swimming pool was involved. In the winter it was less frequent only because the dirt was less visible and the air was so dry it made for dessicated toddler.

  2. Should have included one more option – everytime they made a mess. I fondly look back at a time when a bath could cleanup the worst of the mess. Now I have to get the steamer-vac to cleanup the glitter glue….

  3. Heather Hanson Anderson

    November 17, 2008 at 10:27 pm

    Both of my girls have ezcema so bath time (which they love) has to be put off as long as possible. It ends up being a bath every 3-4 days with hair washing once a week.

    Barring messes of course.

  4. It was part of our bed time ritual. It wasn’t as much bath time to get clean, as time to relax and play in the water. We used a Snug Tub so not much water was used,and rarely used soap. Take care.

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