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My Sessions at MinneBar 7

MinneBar 7 was just a little over a month ago and the videos the two sessions I did are now online.

Running a Virtual Server with Confidence

I gave one talk on Running a Virtual Server with Confidence. I got a lot of really good feedback from this session, people found it really useful and adopted a number of the suggestions I made. I didn’t use slides for this, instead I just walked through my build notes and shared that URL.

Every HTTP Status Code

Garrick and I also thought it would be fun to do a talk on Every HTTP Status Code. We made it fun and walked through each one. The slides are also online.


  1. Jamie, wondering why you decided against EC2? I’m using this now and am generally satisfied. Was primarily a cost thing?

  2. I’m new to the whole VPS thing, and while I’ve found portions of your Running a Virtual Server with Confidence video and wiki page very helpful, a good deal of your instructions assume a level of experience and knowledge that I don’t have. Do you have any suggestions of books or other tutorials for someone like myself to get me to a level where I can better understand and follow your instructions?

    Thanks much.

  3. I should also ask: Is there a way to submit proposed edits to that wiki page? I believe I’ve run across a typo in the terminal command for the .forward stuff.

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