Miss… TiVo… So… Much…

We just had our roof redone, and of course they had to rip the DirecTV satelite dish off the roof. Last night, for the first time in 6 years (at least), I had to actually sit down and watch a TV show at the time it was on and with commercials! It was stunning.

Technology is interesting. It starts as a nice plus, and faster than you can imagine turns into a must have. I wanted to catch this show and I realized I only knew (and this was vague) that it was on Monday night. I didn’t know what channel, and wasn’t sure what time. I had to go to TVGuide.com (I felt like I needed a shower afterwards) and look up when it was on.

Then, had to rush to the TV and watch it at the time the network wants me to. Man, this whole thing just blew.

Thankfully the dish gets put back up tomorrow morning, and TiVo will spark back to life and make our world a much happier place again. Whew!

4 thoughts on “Miss… TiVo… So… Much…

  1. Yeah amen! I even try to fast forward through live tv now and it’s really hard not to record a tv show, and then watch something else, just so that you can fast forward through the commercials.

  2. Stop complaining!!!

    I live in Asia and there is no Tivo, crap TV, and quality live sports starting between 2 and 4am. The final round of a golf tourney starts on Monday!!!

    I almost got a DVD recorder but a Slingbox withTivo would be ideal with a US Cable feed. I know I could hook one up over the net but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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