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Mazie’s First Soccer Game

Last week Mazie had her first soccer game! She’s in the Fuller Soccer Club on the Cyclones. With no practice aside from trying on her shin guards and uniform she hit the field.

This is a league for 5-6 year olds and it was a ton of fun to watch. Little kids all chasing the ball! They play 8 periods of 5 minutes each, rotating into various positions. Her first period involved a lot of standing in place and watching, but by the 4th period she was having a ton of fun!

I ran video of the entire 8th period. Mazie was playing center forward.


  1. Were there any points scored in this game? Who had more fun the kids or the parents?

    • I would say that equal amounts of fun were had by all. There didn’t seem to be an official tally of score, but I know the Cyclones put a couple of balls in the goal!

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