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Mazie's Birthday

Hello, Tammy here. It was Mazie’s first birthday today! Whee… I have been looking forward to this day since before she was born. I finally have a kid that’s one. I don’t know why that matters, but to me it is a big milestone. Jamie took the day off of work to help celebrate. There were pancakes and a visit from the neighbors and our favorite landscaper, a trip to the beach where Mazie found her sea legs in preparation for her pirate party on Saturday, lunch with my mom, her friend and her friend’s granddaughter, and then off to the Minnesota Zoo. Mazie thought that all of the animals at the zoo were interesting, but the pigs were her favorite. I think she fancied the snorts and other fun noises they made.

After Mazie hit the sack, Jamie and I headed over to our neighbor’s house for an evening of ART! We met a local artist that our neighbors know, saw and helped in the hanging of the really cool paintings that they purchased from him, and had lots of fun talking and looking at art. It was a great way for the two of us to celebrate the passing of our first year with little Mazie.

Thanks to everyone who emailed, called, visited and sent Miss Mazie birthday wishes. She very much appreciated all of the love that she felt today. Mazie’s first birthday rocked! Jamie uploaded some of the pictures from the day which include several shots of Mazie wearing her fabulous birthday hat.

Tammy over and OUT


  1. Happy 1st Birthday Mazie! A pirate party sounds super fun! I sent an e-card, I thought she would like the pictures, hope you got it! Love ya!

  2. Grandma Olson

    June 15, 2006 at 3:45 pm

    I don’t know. Have you ever seen a cuter baby? I haven’t! Looking forward to the big party on Saturday.

  3. I love that hat!! I even figured out printing up a couple of the pictures and made all the people at work do some adoration of her!! It was almost a fight with a few of them as I was saying she was the most special granddaughter ever! Some people were saying that those pictures really need to be sent to a magazine or two as she is star quality– now they are my favorites at work!! Ey, matey!! Just practicing for Saturday!

  4. Hey Jaymie
    Where did the pictures go Barb

  5. Hey Barb!

    I just revamped the entire website and I’m in search of a new solution for the photos. Stay tuned, I’ll get something up in a couple of weeks.

  6. hi guys, so what’s the deal? i log into your site to check out pictures of Mazie and NO Pics. i love seeing Mazie grow, she is so d__m cute. who’d a thought?! just kidding. mine is 18, talk about feeling old. hope all is well, miss you guys.

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