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Mario Strikers Charged for Wii

62.jpgI just got this game. I’m a total “noob” and am horrible, but if you want a laugh my friend code is 232036 674634. We’ll see how I do with this, I’m not great at the Madden games and this is a sports game, but it’s got a lot of play in it.

I’m not really understanding why Strikers doesn’t just use whatever existing friend connections I’ve established on my Wii. I’m excited about Super Mario Kart coming to the Wii later this year, and am now wondering if it to will have a 12 digit friend code. We’re going to drowned in ridiculously long strings of numbers on the Wii!

By the way, my Wii system code is 4563 6523 0984 7710. That’s really easy to remember too right? It feels like I have a bunch of old Compuserve email addresses. :-)


  1. Unfortunately from what I have seen it looks like each “Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect” game on the Wii will have a unique friend code just like they do on the DS. It’s a horrible system and I really hope they change it. It seems non Nintendo published games have a choice – both Madden 08 and the upcoming Fifa 08 from EA use yet another proprietary system. It looks better than the friend code stuff, but I’d rather have one nice system like Xbox live compared with 10 different mediocre ones.

  2. You’ll need a friend code for every game. This is Nintendo’s way to limit online access to it’s games, and protect children from internet predators. I’m not sure if that’s a successful business strategy though as it’s a major pain to actually play online with anyone.

  3. @Joel — is that really your friend code? It looks like it’s missing some digits.

  4. No, it’s not a friend code :). I thought I had posted more than that. I was just pointing out that a soft spot in my brain still remembers my old CompuServe address – 72067, 3360. I need to finally buy a Wii…

  5. hey my codes 468261 017928, add me yeah? I wana try out this wi-fi thingamajiggy lol.

  6. my friend code for strikers charged is 154728649770

  7. hi
    i wanted to play you in strikers today, but i had to give you my code too. so my code is: 481146 346723.

    i hope to see online!

    P.S: if you get super smash bros. brawl, [THE BEST GAME EVER], then let me know so that we could both play. it comes out December 3. I will check this website in 1 week after it comes out or you could call this number to let me know :225-768-8190

    catch u later

  8. my code for mario strikers is: 481146 347623

  9. hey callum i just added u my code is 163323 382848…….yours was the only 1 that worked from this site none of the others worked :S

  10. hi i’m jon my friend code is 352314 711038 for mario strikers charged email me at if you add me.
    anyone else feel free to add me!

  11. my wii number is 4563-6523-0984-7710. If you add me tell me your wii number too and what games you have. I’ll only add people that add me. thanks.

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