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Making Soup in Vitamix

One of the things that wowed Tammy about the Vitamix was that you can make soup in it. Real soup. Not some cold Gazpacho. Honest to goodness hot soup. If you run the Vitamix on high for several minutes the blending action will bring the water to a boil!

She put all the ingredients in the blender, turned it on for several minutes and we had some nice, hot soup. Here is proof with my infrared thermometer.


  1. Didn’t know you had a Vitamix. We bought one in Seattle in about 1982 I think it was. We went to a fair like with Mary and Fred. I just used it yesterday made some Chai Tea mix and it said to blend it. I think I lost my instruction book though. Love Grandma.

  2. Okay, that is just cool. Running a blender for a few minutes and it brings the contents (i.e. soup) to a cooking temperature? Way cool.

    • Crazy isn’t it? The geek in me wonders what is really going on. The Vitamix materials suggest that the friction of the blades in the water creates the heat.

      Obviously the electric motor that runs the Vitamix also produces heat, and I imagine quiet a bit of it. I wonder if the heat from the motor spreads up to the blades in the blender as well. But, that would take forever to get something really hot and the process is actually pretty fast.

      Tammy made Tortilla Soup in the Vitamix as well, similar method. Came out great and nice and hot.

  3. What a great blog post–and we love that both you and your grandma have them. We are always looking for stories of long-lasting Vitamix machines and Vitamix machines in the same family to feature on our homepage, so if you’re interested, please send an email to Jessica McKeown at Cheers, and enjoy your soup!

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