Links for Week 6 of 2016

This week I bookmarked 23 interesting links.

  1. Automatically delete your old tweets with at Protect your privacy by automatically deleting posts older than a specified age from your Twitter feed.
  2. Sources: Security Firm Norse Corp. Imploding at Norse Corp., a Foster City, Calif. based cybersecurity firm that has attracted much attention from the news media and investors alike this past year, fired its chief executive officer this week amid a major shakeup that could spell the end of the company. The move comes just weeks after the company laid off almost 30 percent of its staff.
  3. htop - an interactive process viewer for Unix at Since version 2.0, htop is now cross-platform! Check out the video and slides of my presentation at FOSDEM 2016 about how this came to be. This release includes code supporting Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Mac OS X.
  4. kennethreitz/records at Records is a very simple, but powerful, library for making raw SQL queries to most relational databases.
  5. HeartWatch 2 Review at Now in version 2.0, HeartWatch looks to be a more all-encompassing aggregator of your heart information. After spending some time with the newest version of the app, I can highly suggest HeartWatch – not only for its capabilities but also for its potential.
  6. Editorial: One Year In: Why A Die-Hard Mechanical Watch Lover Can't Get The Apple Watch Off His Wrist (And Why That Matters) at It’s almost improbably well done, and it shows a willingness to think creatively that ought to be heeded by the luxury watch industry – and it also suggests to me that underestimating its impact, and Apple, is dangerous.
  7. Some Thoughts on the Presidential Race and SocioCapitalism – Updated at
  8. Facebook and the New Colonialism at First, Facebook’s Free Basics platform was effectively banned in India. Then, a high-profile member of Facebook’s board of directors, the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, sounded off about the decision to his nearly half-a-million Twitter followers with a stunning comment.
  9. The Leica Q at Over these last six months, the Q joined me while on assignment in South Korea, trekking across Myanmar, hiking the mountains of Shikoku, and spending a few freezing nights on Mt. Kōya. It was used in searing heat, 100% humidity, covered in sweat amid rice fields beneath a relentless sun. And in subzero temples, as candlelit Shinto and Buddhist fire ceremonies ushered in a new year.
  10. Netflix finishes its massive migration to the Amazon cloud at Netflix has been moving huge portions of its streaming operation to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for years now, and it says it has finally completed its giant shift to the cloud. “We are happy to report that in early January of 2016, after seven years of diligent effort, we have finally completed our cloud migration and shut down the last remaining data center bits used by our streaming service,” Netflix said in a blog post that it plans to publish at noon Eastern today.
  11. New – Access Resources in a VPC from Your Lambda Functions at Your Lambda functions can now access Amazon Redshift data warehouses, Amazon ElastiCache clusters, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) instances, and service endpoints that are accessible only from within a particular VPC. In order to do this, you simply select one of your VPCs and identify the relevant subnets and security groups. Lambda uses this information to set up elastic network interfaces (ENIs) and private IP addresses (drawn from the subnet or subnets that you specified) so that your Lambda function has access to resources in the VPC.
  12. Outsource Your Email - But Keep Your Boss Happy at Certainly the major providers offer some type of “service health dashboard” that will tell you whether they think they’re seeing an outage. But there’s been some debate as to whether collaboration vendors’ reported uptime jives with reality. You might think you could rely instead on public services like or, but their measurements are made from their offices or datacenters – not yours. And they don’t provide any detail around what isn’t working: is it just the website? Or is their SMTP service degraded such that you can’t send outgoing messages? Or maybe their message store is down? Or maybe their public SMTP service is down, so they’re not receiving messages from external services. It’s hard to know.
  13. Task Management Pain Points – The Overachiever at If you are facing a task list that has hundreds of entries every day, you’re doing it wrong. I think the most common cause of this overload is our technology. Back when I used to write my task list every day longhand in a Franklin Planner, I never wrote more than 20 tasks in a single day. I think it was something about the act of using pencil and paper that my brain just accepted the lunacy of overloading myself. However with computers, there is a certain amount of abstraction and that can work against us.
  14. How to organize notes with folders in for Mac at I had no idea that you could nest folders in Notes on the Mac. Nice hint.
  15. Do Meeting Insights at Weekly Meeting insights for You Know how you are spending time. The summary tells you about hours and energy you're spending in meetings, along with personalized advice on how to be more productive.
  16. How To Build A Product Roadmap Everyone Understands at In this post, I’ll show you how we use our product roadmap to communicate high-level priorities so clearly that anyone — from CEO to summer intern — could walk away knowing what’s going on.
  17. AWS Service Terms at However, this restriction will not apply in the event of the occurrence (certified by the United States Centers for Disease Control or successor body) of a widespread viral infection transmitted via bites or contact with bodily fluids that causes human corpses to reanimate and seek to consume living human flesh, blood, brain or nerve tissue and is likely to result in the fall of organized civilization.
  18. Roadmap Planner - plan your business at Sure enough, your life and business is up to you, but the truth is that you will never get what you do not make a plan of. Roadmap Planner will help you to plan and to have your plans done accurately.
  19. Teenagers Are Much Better At Snapchat Than You at I don't understand Snapchat even a little.
  20. “I Trust You” — Medium at Trust = Goal Alignment + Competence
  21. 5 Reasons You Need to Start Using Email Productivity Software Today at Many companies are turning to email productivity software for help managing the flood. Leaders at Ampush report they’ve been able to reclaim as much as an hour of productive time each day. If regaining five hours a week isn’t enticing enough by itself, here’s a look at the top reasons business leaders utilize email management tools in the workplace.
  22. GitHub - Miserlou/django-zappa: Serverless Django on AWS Lambda and API Gateway at zappa makes it super easy to deploy Django applications on AWS Lambda + API Gateway. Think of it as "serverless" web hosting for your Django apps.
  23. Announcing Zappa - Serverless Python Web Applications - at Today, I'm pleased to announce the first major release of Zappa - a system for running "serverless" Python web applications using AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway. Zappa handles all of the configuration and deployment automatically - now, you can deploy an infinitely scalable application to the cloud with a single command - all for a minute fraction of the cost of a traditional web server.