Links for Week 52 of 2015

As I use the web I routinely bookmark various things using Pinboard. Each week I aggregate these bookmarks and share them on my blog.

What I Learned from Losing $200 Million (
The 2008 financial crisis taught me about the illusion of control, and how to give it up.
Three things I wish I knew earlier about Machine Learning | Models are illuminating and wrong (
His video series talks about the practicalities of ‘big data’ and so made me think what I wish I knew earlier about Machine Learning
7 Ways Your Data Is Telling You It’s a Graph (
My role is to explain why I think there are signs that your data – and maybe not just your data, but your data stories – are telling you that you have graphs. And not only are graphs everywhere; they’re eating the world, and your data knows that.
Graph your Twitter Network in Neo4j (
We're now loading your Tweets from the Twitter API as well as a mixture of other tweets which may be popular to Graph Database enthusiasts. Note that the Twitter API has quotas which mean your Tweets
Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals - Cloud Platform — Google Cloud Platform (
Amazon and Google are among the top providers of cloud computing platforms. Each has invested in large data centers and reliable networks that deliver scalable compute, storage and database services. Both offer web services accessed through simple API endpoints that can rent infrastructure, store data, or create a network.
My top 5 ‘new’ Python modules of 2015 « Robin's Blog (
As I’ve been blogging a lot more about Python over the last year, I thought I’d list a few of my favourite ‘new’ Python modules from 2015. These aren’t necessarily modules that were newly released in 2015, but modules that were ‘new to me’ this year – and may be new to you too!
Neo4j Online Training Courses: Get Started with Neo4j Today (
Get an Intro to Neo4j and then Launch Your Graph Database Application into Production
12 Most Influential Books Every Software Engineer Needs to Read | The Curious Programmer (
Well, I’ve learned a lot from my mentors and realized that I still had a lot to learn with the many different books that were suggested to me. I decided to develop a routine to read one book a month in my profession field (software engineering). Over the years, I’ve aggregated a list that, I believe, to be MUST READS for anyone that wants to be a top tier developer.
Things Software Leaders Should Know (
If you have people things and tech things on your to-do list, put the people things first on the list.
My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2015 Edition (
Below, you'll find my Must-Have iOS Apps for 2015 – the ones that have been essential for my workflow over the past 12 months. At the end of the list, you'll also find my App of the Year and two Runners-Up. Each app has been listed with a direct link to its App Store page; wherever possible, I included links to previous MacStories coverage as well.
Leveling Up Your Organization With System Reviews (
A system review is a model that enables a large organization to take action on organizational and cultural issues before they become larger problems. They’re modeled after shared governance meetings – a disciplined yet inclusive format that enables organizational progress and high levels of transparency. This form of leadership values continued hard work, open communication, trust and respect.
Love in the Age of Big Data (
Over decades, John has observed more than 3,000 couples longitudinally, discovering patterns of argument and subtle behaviors that can predict whether a couple would be happily partnered years later or unhappy or divorced.
CVE-2015-7755: Juniper ScreenOS Authentication Backdoor (
On December 18th, 2015 Juniper issued an advisory indicating that they had discovered unauthorized code in the ScreenOS software that powers their Netscreen firewalls. This advisory covered two distinct issues; a backdoor in the VPN implementation that allows a passive eavesdropper to decrypt traffic and a second backdoor that allows an attacker to bypass authentication in the SSH and Telnet daemons. Shortly after Juniper posted the advisory, an employee of Fox-IT stated that they were able to identify the backdoor password in six hours. A quick Shodan search identified approximately 26,000 internet-facing Netscreen devices with SSH open. Given the severity of this issue, we decided to investigate.
The Bro Network Security Monitor (
Bro is a powerful network analysis framework that is much different from the typical IDS you may know.
Why hourly time tracking doesn't work for software (
Hourly time tracking is difficult because there are no hour-long chunks. You can’t write them down because they don’t exist.
The New Favicon • The Breakroom (
So there you have it. Even in this brave new world of vector favicons, knowing how to push pixels is still important for making your brand stand out.
The Best TV Shows of 2015 - The Atlantic (
From Master of None and Black-ish to The Leftovers and Mr. Robot, The Atlantic’s writers and editors pick their favorite TV shows of 2015.
The Netflix Tech Blog: Java in Flames (
Java mixed-mode flame graphs provide a complete visualization of CPU usage and have just been made possible by a new JDK option: -XX:+PreserveFramePointer. We've been developing these at Netflix for everyday Java performance analysis as they can identify all CPU consumers and issues, including those that are hidden from other profilers.