Links for Week 15 of 2016

This week I bookmarked 15 interesting links tagged google, monitoring, mindfulness, agile, photography, work, qr code, devops, microsoft, incident, omnifocus, mysql, logging, security, backup, email and cloud.

  1. ELK on ARK at For Canary we’ve been prototyping a logging architecture to deal gracefully with over a billion logs (at about 1TB) daily.
  2. Monitoring MySQL performance metrics at This post is part 1 of a 3-part series about MySQL monitoring.
  3. Creating a CSP Policy from Scratch at In this post I’ll show you how I created a new, better, CSP policy from scratch.
  4. Tim Bray · “Photographer”? at Every­one takes pic­tures ev­ery­where now, 24/7/365. So does “photographer”, in the am­a­teur sense, still mean any­thing? I have pic­tures and ques­tions that say it does.
  5. Making sense of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) at Many projects fail badly because they do Big Bang delivery (build the thing until 100% done and deliver at the end). I’ve lost count of the number of failed projects I’ve seen because of this (scroll down for some examples). However, when Agile is presented as an alternative people sometimes balk at the idea of delivering an unfinished product – who wants half of a car?
  6. at Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.
  7. Give yourself permission to have work-life balance at What are you doing to balance and avoid burnout?
  8. Google Compute Engine Incident #16007 at On Monday, 11 April, 2016, Google Compute Engine instances in all regions lost external connectivity for a total of 18 minutes, from 19:09 to 19:27 Pacific Time.
  9. Killing the Email Action Folder at Anyway, as of a few weeks ago I removed all of the action folders from all of my email accounts. For the MacSparky email account, I’ve now got the following.
  10. Mindfulness, Suffering, and Design at As a long-time Buddhist practitioner, I view the burgeoning popularity of mindfulness practice with mixed feelings. On the one hand, the thought of society at large becoming more mindful is fantastic. On the other hand, I worry about the temptation to distort mindfulness into its exact opposite.
  11. A User Manual To Working With Me at The simple idea is to write a user manual about how to work with you.
  12. Arq 5 gets a big speed boost at I use Arq with a couple of external drives connected to a Macminicolo box (the same one that hosts this site), so I don’t have any additional monthly fees for backing up multiple machines. I also run a couple of machines to Amazon Glacier, which is dirt cheap for the most part (you pay more for restoring than storage). Arq also works with services like S3, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Google Cloud, Dropbox, and OneDrive, or even your local NAS, performing versioned backups to services you probably already have installed. All of your data is encrypted before it leaves your machine, and the storage format is safe regardless of the security of the hosting cloud.
  13. Microsoft adds QR codes to Windows 10 'Blue Screen of Death' to help troubleshoot crashes at But of course, the most noticeable addition there is the QR code, which is ostensibly intended to offer users a fast-track solution to get the support they need on a secondary device like a smartphone or tablet.
  14. Notes on Google's Site Reliability Engineering book at Notes on Google's Site Reliability Engineering book The book starts with a story about a time Margaret Hamilton brought her young daughter with her to NASA, back in the days of the Apollo program.
  15. Automation in OmniFocus 2.14 (coming to TestFlight very soon) at OmniFocus 2.14 is coming to TestFlight soon, and one of the things we've been working on is better support for automation. To that end, the TestFlight builds now support callback URLs with name,