Links for Week 1 of 2016

As I use the web I routinely bookmark various things using Pinboard. Each week I aggregate these bookmarks and share them on my blog.

Why I love Snapchat (
Snapchat removes this. There’s no combined feed. If someone wants to look at your shit, they have to click on you. There’s no public view count, follower count, likes count, or any other social dick-measuring contest. You can just put whatever you’re doing on Snapchat; if people don’t like it, who gives a fuck, you’ll never know. There’s no expectation of balling out 24/7.
Sumo Logic is ISO 27001 and CSA Star Certified (
Recently Sumo Logic secured ISO 27001 Certification and CSA Star Certification, further demonstrating not only our commitment to security and compliance, but also providing customers with the highest level of compliance certifications to secure data in the cloud.
SPS Commerce employees gather in a meeting room the company aptly calls "the Cloud." (
SPS Commerce employees gather in a meeting room the company aptly calls "the Cloud." Hey, that's me on the right side of the table.
SPS Commerce acquires ToolBox Solutions | SPS Commerce (
On Jan. 6, 2016, SPS Commerce announced the acquisition of ToolBox Solutions, a leading provider of point-of-sale analytics and category management services to retailers and consumer packaged goods suppliers in North America. The acquisition expands the SPS Commerce retail network, building on its current network of more than 60,000 organizations in 60 countries, and strengthens its analytics offerings.
SPS Commerce buys Canadian data analytics firm ToolBox Solutions - (
SPS Commerce Inc. said Wednesday it bought ToolBox Solutions, a Canadian data analytics firm, for about $23 million in cash and stock.
3 Things Extraordinary Leaders Do (
However, research suggests that these efforts, while appreciated, do not address more effective drivers of long-term well-being. Instead, leaders should be mindful about giving their employees three things.
Skittles - Spinning Top Board Game (
My new favorite game for inside!
If Mindfulness Makes You Uncomfortable, It’s Working (
Therefore, we have to redefine mindfulness as more than feeling good, and instead see it as having an increased capacity to sit with the full spectrum of being human, experiencing it all — the good, the bad, and the ugly — and learning to be less reactive so that we can make better choices each day.