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Leopard Has Arrived

It’s been a busy night here. This morning Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” arrived and I started installing it on all four Macs right away. The upgrade took about an hour on average and the iMac, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro all upgraded flawlessly. The MacBook however didn’t fair so well. The upgrade failed and in the process it toasted the boot partition. I ended up reformatting and reinstalling on it.

Initial impressions of Leopard are “Wow!”. Absolutely loving Spaces! Sharing screens over the network is tremendous. I just got done playing with some of the iChat sharing with a friend and it worked great. I’m pretty pleased so far. To add to it all, I haven’t had any application compatibility issues yet. Pretty impressive.

I’ll put together some more thoughts later. I’m really happy to finally have Leopard though. If your curious about Leopard, check out the guided tour Apple posted.


  1. Jamie, I would agree with your initial assessment of Leopard. I installed my copy last night and it’s definitely better than 10.4 (Tiger). Of course I was not a big fan of Tiger even though it came pre-installed on my MacBook. It took me a little longer to install on my MacBook as well, but then I always zero out the drive and do a clean install. I’ve had zero issues when installing any new version of Mac OS when going this route though it does take more time.

  2. Really not good news about your MacBook – that’s the same machine that I’ll be installing it on eventually here. Hopefully it wasn’t such a big deal as it could have been, as long as you had a backup of important data.

  3. I bricked my Mac Mini. Then used .Mac to sync between fresh install Leopard Mini and Tiger MacBook to try and get preferences sorted, clearly a stupid idea thinking about it now that it’s not 4am. Reinstall adventure. MacBook and Mini now sorted and happy. No major data loss so just a loss of sleep.

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