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Lance on Oprah

On Friday I got an email through one of the cycling mailing lists that I’m on that Lance Armstrong was going to be on Oprah that afternoon. I’m not an avid Oprah follower (imagine that!) so I asked Tammy to TiVo it so I could watch it later. Lance was on for the full hour along with Sheryl Crow. You do know that he and Sheryl have been an item ever since he split with his wife, right? Anyway, some thoughts…

  • Enough with Sheryl Crow! This is Lance Armstrong. He’s won more Tour de France victories than any other man in history. Yet it seems that his record 6 wins are often overshadowed by the fact that he’s dating some “rock star”. (By the way, Sheryl Crow is a rock star? Guess I wasn’t listening.)
  • I’m sitting here wearing my LIVESTRONG bracelet and it’s amazing how many of these things have went out. They’ve sold 46 million of them now. Holy crap! When we went and saw the Tour de France last summer these things were the ID tag for the American Tour fan. Now it seems everyone has them. Okay, that’s cool, but for some reason I’m a little bitter about it.
  • I wish Lance would stop the tour. Really. He wont state publicly anything. His Discovery contract requires him to race one more. Seriously, I would rather he take on the spring classics or even better go after the hour record. He’s talked about all of the above, but has been non-commital about it all. Added bonus here would be OLN actually having more coverage of events other than the Tour. Non-tour coverage on OLN has dropped every year, even while the total number of hours of cycling has increased. It’s all Lance and the Tour de France. Let’s hit the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix!
  • The Bike. Oh my. So on Oprah they had this story, tough story really, of this woman with cancer and she is fighting and she seemed amazing. Lance is her hero, etc. So at the end Lance gives her this bike. Oh My! Some stage-hand wheels out this P.O.S. $199 Target special Trek to give to her. Huh? This is Lance. Trek is his sponsor. They couldn’t spring for a carbon-fiber, ahh, anything? Wow. Even Lance looked a little stunned when he saw it. Kinda like he was thinking “send that thing BACK!”.


  1. ARGH! I’m watching the Grammy’s (don’t ask, it’s torture!) and here is Sheryl Crow with her arm jewelry. Who’s this Lance guy that keeps following her around? Puke…

  2. Hey is there anyway you can put the oprah show with lance on the internet so others can view it?

  3. heard on the radio that he’s going for #7! Are you going back to watch that?

  4. Sorry Dan, don’t have the show. Only had it on TiVo. Gonna have to look on BitTorrent.

    It is exciting that he is going to try for #7. No trip this year, hard to do with a 1-month old kid. Plus, I’ll enjoy watching it on TV. I hope he does well.

    He’ll have to leave Sherryl Crow’s side for a few hours to train. :-)

  5. For use of “holy crap.”

    I use that one often. Not sure if I got it from Rikkers, but I’m pretty sure that you are not the originator of this. I’ll be watching your blog for "holy buckets" or "dollar to donuts." If you use either of those you owe me big time.

    Anway, sounds like it was really fun to see you guy on Tee Vee. What with all the complaints! Face it–your hero is dating a flake and showing up on daytime talk shows and selling cheap rubber bracelts! He’s going to have to do ten cameo appearances on movies like Dodgeball to get back on the bike, if you know what I mean. Holy buckets!

  6. Don’t even think about using: I don’t have a dog in that hunt.

    That one is totally mine.

  7. My apologies everyone for the use of “Holy Crap” ™ without proper attribution to the original owners. Jim (Bernard) is correct in giving appropriate ownership of this line to Jim (Rikkers). I believe the royalties in print are cheaper than those for speaking this because of the very critical gutteral inflections required when saying it. It requires a sort of bushman clicking and popping along with a drunken’ cowboy sort of overtone.

    However, I believe the Messr. Rikkers is reasonable with these fees as "Holy Crap" ™ turns out to be a critical line to use in a public forum where ones Mother may be reading ("Hi Mom!" ™ just in case) as opposed to the more crass, you know what.

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