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iPhone 3.0 Phone Label

This is a little change in the iPhone 3.0 release that I hadn’t seen anyone mention. When you change the type of a phone number in Address Book on the iPhone you’ve always been able to set custom labels in addition to the built-in ones. However, there was a new one added in 3.0 for “iPhone” (see 2nd choice).

Kind of odd. Not real sure what you would use this for other than vanity. I guess you could sometime specify, particularly with the coming use of MMS, that I only want to send this to iPhones?


  1. That is a nice feature. I wish there was something like that on my phone. I would like to list what service other people’s mobile phones were using. That way, as I am on Sprint, I would know when I am calling another Sprint phone (Sprint to Sprint doesn’t use my minutes.)

  2. Patrick Hambek

    June 29, 2009 at 3:15 pm

    I agree with you Jamie. I’m not sure what you’d use that label for exactly. I would think a mobile number is a mobile number (as most phones have the same abilities).

  3. Weird. It would be nice to know which service callers are using (AT&T, Sprint, etc.), but I don’t think I would ever manually set that…

    Good eye, Jamie!

  4. I’m not seeing it… And actually, mine recently lost the “mobile” option. Do you know where these can be set?

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