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Interested in a Minneapolis WordCamp?

I’m conducting a quick test to see how much interest there would be in hosting a Minneapolis WordCamp. WordCamp is an unconference focused on WordPress users and developers, including general topics on blogging as well.


I’ve put a wiki page up at where you can read more and link to additional information about WordCamps. If you would like to see an event like this happen, put your name on the sign up sheet!

Please help spread the word and tell your friends that may be interested in this event about it too!


  1. Let me know how it goes, if I don’t have a previous engagement on the date I’d be happy to come out.

  2. @Matt!

    Awesome! Even more reason to push to get a good turnout!

  3. I’m interested; I use WordPress and have been looking for ways to use it with clients as well.

  4. @drvono,

    Make sure to add your list to the Sign Up Sheet!

  5. Great idea! I’d love to see this happen!

  6. I hope this happens. I’ve been a big fan/user of WordPress for a while now.

  7. What with everyone else getting their WordCamps together, I’d really love to see ours get off the ground. Please contact me if you’d like any help organizing.

    I think there is more than enough local interest. (I could be wrong, but I would be surprised if we didn’t have more than three times the number who have already signed up.)

    Martins last blog, poetry, podcasts and porn

  8. @Martin,

    We may take you up on this! Ira (above) has volunteered to help and we could use a third. I’m planning on doing this, but not until Fall, likely late October.

    As a starter, and some indication of interest, I’m going to do a WordPress session at Minnebar this weekend.

  9. I’m new to blogging, but my blog has taken off and I’d love to learn more and network with tech people in the area!

  10. I would love to sign up!! Bring one to Minneapolis! The link to the sign up sheet appears to be broken, or I would sign up there.

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