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I Made a Pie!

I made a pie! That’s right! A whole pie, from scratch, the whole deal. I made the crust. I steamed the pumpkin. No canned pie filling here! I ground my own fresh nutmeg!

I Made A Pie

I realize that many people do this all the time without thinking of it. However, I have tried to make a pie crust before and if you haven’t done it yourself try before you dismiss it. Rolling out that dough into a thin crust is tempting disaster. At any moment it may stick to the rolling pin and fold in on itself, like space collapsing in an episode of Star Trek. You may not get it quiet right and think you can just finagle it a little more here or there, and boom you have a torn wreck in front of you. I nearly lost this one at the end, trying to get fancy, and was able to save it and roll out enough dough to make it work.

The pie is baking right now. I’m so proud.


  1. how did it come out? don’t leave us baking for an answer…

  2. Sadly, it was horrible actually. I blame the recipe I was using for half of it, and a bit of nutmeg zealotry on my part for the other half. The recipe was odd since it used fresh steamed pumpkin and no condensed milk, but instead sour cream. That seemed really odd. And then when it came to the nutmeg I used fresh ground nutmeg and got a little crazy.

    I feel more optimistic about the next go around…

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