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I’m taking this week off, using up some of my remaining vacation time before it vanishes. Tammy and I are not feeling adventurous enough to go on a big trip with Mazie, so we are staying home for the week. I’ve picked a couple of projects to work on (like I need more of them!) and spending time relaxing and hanging out with Tammy and Mazie. We have some babysitting arranged so we can head out and have some outside fun as well.

I’m feeling really pumped about what I’m working on at the office lately (read: change the world), and it’s hard to disconnect. But, I know it’s healthy and I will come back after a week with even more focus and clearer vision.


  1. Strange thing happened at the office today. Or should I say strange things.

    First, John Murphy discovered the key to the Internet. I guess it was hidden in the Intraday code. He took the key and started unlocking some of the things you would expect: how does eBay make so much money? is Google worth $400 bucks? can Ajax blind you if you put it directly in your eyes? why is the People’s Browser so darn unfriendly to people. I wandered by his desk at about 2:00 and he looked like he’d been drinking cocktails, he was so happy. I have to tell you it was a sight to see. Or is that site to see? Well, you had to be there (but you were on Vacation–DOH!).

    The other really wierd thing was that the entire office caught on fire and burned to the ground. Again–one of those things that you really have to witness in person, but it was kind of amazing. Luckily everyone got out, but given that you and Anna were both gone we weren’t sure what to do next. We stood on the sidewalk for about twenty mintues and then some people went to Harvey’s and the others went to Luce. I’m not saying which is which, but lets just say you can tell the type of Engineer by what he’s paying for his beer. If you know what I mean.

    So I’m not sure you need to be so focused on work. It’s just the normal stuff–innovation and distruction–the kinds of things that happen if you are here and will happen when you’re gone. No need to call or check in. We’ll be fine.


  2. Either I have an evil twin or Jim and reality have parted company. Wait a minute, if I had a twin I’d be the evil one…

  3. "sigh" Have fun!!

  4. Did you ever consider triplets? It was really me, I found Murph’s secret stash of keys at work. Somehow I managed to avoid causing too much trouble, but it was still fun. I have proof the Al Gore actually destroyed the original key, but there were copies…

    By the way, how satisfying is it to have a secret agent in the family

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