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Heft On Wheels

Most people that know me know that I used to weigh quite a lot. Then I weighed a lot less. Now I weigh a little bit more, but by no means quite a lot. I went through a bit of a learning experience later in life. I’ve often thought that if I were a good enough writer (something I’ve been enjoying doing on my blog by the way) I would write a book about the experience.

I just finished reading a book that I think would be very similar to the book I would write. Heft on Wheels by Mike Magnuson recounts his transference of his obsession with drinking and smoking to riding his bicycle. Magnuson’s book is a fun, quick read and I felt a kinship to him in reading it. We shared many experiences, while still clearly being very different people. For example, he finished at the head of the pack in the Cat V race he tried while I was shot off the back very early on!

I should think it would be interesting to meet him some day. Perhaps on a ride.


  1. what would you call your book? "OCD on Wheels"

  2. I’d love to ride with you sometime. We’d not doubt have much to talk about.


  3. How cool! Hey there Mike! Check out Cheese Country Hellweek next year at It’s close to you.

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