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Guitar Hero III – 497 Note Streak

I’m still having a blast on Guitar Hero III. I played for a while yesterday trying to clear some levels before the big Christmas Day extravaganza with my brother-in-laws where I expect much GH3 action. While playing I saw the notice for a 200 note streak pop up and freaked out. I knew I was hitting the song, but when it was all over…


497 note streak! That is on the medium difficulty in the 4th “level”. Unfortunately the Guitar Hero site doesn’t rank streaks so I have no idea how big of a number that is, but I thought it was pretty impressive! Check out my profile page if you want to prove this isn’t rigged. :-)


  1. Hey Jamie,

    Nice streak. I completed Miss Murder without a missed note – I can’t remember the streak. I completed GHIII on easy and I am working through Medium. I knew I was getting it for Christmas so I played GHI on hard and completed that. Too time consuming though. I keep saying “I’ll play just one more song” – about 6-10 times.

    I haven’t done any of the online stuff with GHIII/Wii.

    If you want to see something insane, fire up Cult of Personality on Expert in practice mode! I just wanted to see how tough it would get.

    Sounds like you had a great Wii-Christmas. Hope all is well!


  2. Dude i got a 1000 note streak on metallica-one. I play on expert though.You guys are freakin noobs compared to me.Im ranked number 2 all time in Guitar Hero 3.You guys are losers.

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