Great Music – Greg Merkle

This post is a bit of a tease since you can’t (yet) just go out and buy this music. I know Greg Merkle from working at Dow Jones and have been lucky enough for him to share some of his recordings with me. Its great stuff. He’s starting to do more stuff and getting more online. Check out this video he just posted.

4 thoughts on “Great Music – Greg Merkle

  1. Fantastic! I’ve written a bunch about acoustic guitarists. Greg plays in the general style of Don Ross, Andy McKee, Antoine Dufour, Craig D’Andrea and Peter Ciluzzi, all of whom record on Candyrat Records (and all of who have tons of YouTube videos available, so you can check my claim).

    Thanks for posting this Jamie!

    Well done Greg!

  2. Thanks for mentioning those other musicians. I will definitely check them out as well. Hadar, Greg is going to play some shows in the New Jersey area in the coming months. Since you are in New York, you may be able to check him out live.

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