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Good Spam Filtering for Home

I’ve started to get deluged with spam again at home. The last time this happened I decided to switch my email address — a little “shake and bake” as it were with due credit to Talladega Nights. At work I’ve been using Postini for years now and I’m a huge fan. They do an amazing job of handling spam and viruses — both of which I had nothing to stop at home.

I would have loved to use Postini but they don’t offer individual accounts, boo! However, they do have resellers. Some quick searches and I found a Postini reseller that set me up for $2.50/month per address. They got me setup very quickly and now I’m a much happier email recipient.


  1. In the past, I’ve found CloudMark (commercial relative of the open source Vipul’s Razor) to be an effective anti-spam product to use at home. However, its home edition is client PC based and I need a server based solution since I access my email from multiple client PCs.

    My personal email ISP provides me with a Microsoft Exchange server account and the default exchange server anti-spam there have been working quite well for me.

    Would you share the names of some of these postini resellers?


    — Rajiv

  2. I’m using SPAM-X right now on the free trial. I’m 99% sure I’ll continue with the service. Note, SPAM-X is a reseller (again) of Small Business Spam Tools. The price is exactly the same, and they seem to be in the same office. If you sign up with SPAM-X you will get some automated emails from, and it prompted me to ask about the relationship. So far everything is great.

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